Sickle cell disease as sahaj pandu- A critical review


International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine



Sickle cell, pandu, sahaj, Ayurveda, inherited disease

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shrivas, Y., & Shamkuwar, S. K. (2017). Sickle cell disease as sahaj pandu- A critical review. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 1(02).


Ayurveda , an ancient traditional science, emphasize prevention than treatment. Even though efforts to remain healthy are made, various factors contribute in manifestation of diseases.These may vary from individual phenotype, season, place, diet, water, time etc. Due to the influence of these factors, the manifestation of diseases may also change. The texts of Ayurveda have described many diseases under different categories. Many of them can be correlated to some or the other modern disease. At the same time there are some diseases which do not find a mention or correlation in Ayurvedic texts. Sickle cell disease with main feature panduta is one of them. But Pandu as a disorder is not included in inherited category.Thorough review of pandu in Ayurvedic texts and its comparison with symptoms of present day sickle cell disorder takes it closure to sahaj rogas .Considering simple mode of inheritance of sickle cell disease, an effort has been made here to label sickle cell disease as sahaj Pandu.

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