Role of Apamarga Churna in Oral Hygiene for Dantadhavana


International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine



apamarga Churna, dantadhavan, teeth, gum,mouth disorder

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Khirodkar, S., Wankhede, A., & Mali, D. (2017). Role of Apamarga Churna in Oral Hygiene for Dantadhavana. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 1(02).


Oral hygiene is very essential to remain healthy because many of the infections start from the mouth. All disorders of mouth are gums and teeth are discoloration of teeth, swollen gums, secretary gums, bleeding gums, gingival inflammation, loose tooth etc. and chronic conditions like pyorrhea alveolar, necrosis of gums, recession of gums, dental caries, oral cancer etc.In this view Ayurveda playing an important role for the prevention of diseases. In Ayurveda many drugs which are essential for dantadhavana are stated. I have selected katu-tikta rasa pradhana “Apamarga Churna”. The importance has been given to Oral hygiene to maintain health and beauty. The healthy Oral Cavity very much necessary for healthy body. If the teeth are not clean, healthy and strong they cannot be capable to mastication and proper digestion and without proper digestion there cannot be proper nutrition.

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