Research article: Management of Eczema by Ayurvedic Regimen


International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine



Eczema, Vicharchika, Ayurvedic management

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Kadam, S., Qadri, M. J., & paul, N. S. (2017). Research article: Management of Eczema by Ayurvedic Regimen. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 1(02).


The skin is largest organ of the body and provides an intermediate barrier between the internal tissues and environment. It has great cosmetic importance. The diseases of skin greatly affect the mental and physical state of human beign.In Ayurveda every skin disorder is included under the heading of kushta. Ayurveda also implements broad line of management of skin diseases like medicinal and parasurgical methods1. The Eczema is the nearest clinical entity of modern science which can correlated with Vicharchika. Vicharchika is a type kshudra kushta. The clinical features of eczema may include itching (Kandu), discolouration (Vaivarnyata), scaling (rukshta), pain (ruja) and pustules (pidaka). The existing treatment of modern science consist of reassurance, elimination of predisposing factor and palliative measures.The modern pharmacology offers very large variety of medications to treat the eczema but it is not always possible to remove symptoms entirely.Ayurveda has unique conceptof management for theKushtha like Snehan (oleation), Shaman (conservative) along with Raktamokshana (bloodletting) is said to be effective in treatment of eczema (vicharchika). But at OPD level all these panchakarma facilities are not available. In such conditions, single herb or combination of medicinal herbs are very effective. In this paper, there is review of medicinal herbs sidda ghruta and ointment made by some herbal drugs. The sidda grita is used for internal administration and ointment for external application. In Ashtanga hridya first preference is given to snehapana while treating the all types of kushta. The use of combination of these bahya and aabhyantar shenapana will be usefull in treatment of eczema. We have used this combination in two patients and it significantly diminishes symptoms like itching, burning and dryness.There is need of further study on this combination.

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