Gestational Hypertension -An Ayurvedic Prespective

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Gestational Hypertension -An Ayurvedic Prespective
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Pande, P. (2021). Gestational Hypertension -An Ayurvedic Prespective. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 5(01).


Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy is one of the common complication met during pregnancy, which contributes to significant maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. They are preventable by early detection and appropriate treatment and possibly by prevention of disease itself. Ayurveda can definitely contribute in this regard. On looking to the symptoms and understanding etiopathogenesis with an Ayurvedic approach. Vata dusti is main causative factor in the manifestation of the disease. As disease progresses involvement of other Dosha is seen. As Dushya are Hridaya, Dash dhamanya, Sira, Ras raktvaha strotasa, Manovaha strotasa, Ras dhatu, Rakt dhatu and Manna, treatment should be Vaatashaman, Pittashamana, Hridya, Shothahara, Raktashaman, Balya, Anulomana .
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