Conceptual study of Sariva in Garbhini chardi (Vomiting in pregnancy.)


  • Shilpa B. Birajdar


Garbhini chardi, Garbhini vyapat, Sariva, Vyakta garbha lakshana


Pregnancy is a physiological milestone in a woman’s life and motherhood is the apex of a life, she has to pass through the state of pregnancy to achieve this valuable pearl of life. The symptoms of pregnancy morning sickness, vomiting, water brash etc. according to our culture is the greatest moment of joy in women’s life as well as for her entire family. Garbhini chardi is a common symptom in obstetric practice. The patient complains of nausea and occasional sickness on rising in the morning. It may however occur at other times of the day.In early months of pregnancy altered physiology initiates nausea, vomiting. Garbhini chardi is mentioned as vyakta garbha lakshana alongwith other lakshanas, if we do not correct  the simple vomiting it leads to severe form so one should treat this condition in initial stage and prevent complications. Ayurvedic classics has described many formulations for the management of garbhini chardi. Sariva is tridoshashamak, rasa dhatu pachak, rasagat pittashamak , Deepak , Pachak , anulomak, guru, snigdha, madhur vipaki and sheeta virya. These qualities help to cure garbhini chardi and prevent complications. It is easily available , cost effective and safe


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