An observational study of the effect of nidravega nigraha on different doshaj prakruti.


International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine

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Prakruti, Nidraveganigraha, Nidra, Ayurved, Parikshana, Kapha, Pitta.

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Dahale, K. R., & Chondikar, P. (2019). An observational study of the effect of nidravega nigraha on different doshaj prakruti. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 3(03).


In running life for some reasons like workload ,nightshift duties etc. peoples suppress sleep natural urge( Nidra-adharniyavega)  which leads to pathological statesor disease , Nidra veganigraha is most important problem occurring in present lifestyle. In this study we have to observe the effect of nidraveganigraha in different doshaj prakruti. In this study we collected the literature regarding nidra, prakruti, adharniya vega nidra from ayurved and modern texts. In this study we were taken 100 volunteers age group 20-50 irrespective of gender and social economic status. Volunteers having sleep less than 2 hours in between 10:30pm – 04:30am. And this volunteers examined by specially designed questionnaire and prakruti parikshan was done.and we observed  There has been significant relation between effect of Nidraveganigraha and different doshaj Prakruti. Nidra vega nigraha mostly affects Pitta-Kapha and Kapha Pitta Prakruti persons.Pitta Pradhan prakruti  having mild and moderate effect of Nidraveganigraha.Kapha Pradhan Prakruti having mild moderate and severe effect of Nidraveganigraha.
Article pdf download
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