To Study the Causes of Insomnia W.S.R. to Anidra
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Insomnia, Anidra, Tri-upstambh, Vata dosh

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Background :

There are many mental disorders like Insomnia, Depression, Dementia, Anxiety are due to late night working hours, Excess use of cell phones computer, Telivisions, Video games etc there are also many health releatedproblem like insomnia mental disorder disease it is estimated that 40% of all insomnia patients have a coexisting psychiatric condition among the psychiatric disorders depression is the most common and insomnia is a diagnostic symptom for depressive and Anxiety disorders.

Ayurveda is Medical sciences describes physical mental and spiritual helath mental health is well being of a person as per ayurvedaa nidra which is basically due to aggreraction of vata dosh (vatavrudhi)

Ayurveda not only the medical science but its sciences of teaching are of living to us also Ayurved is the only sciences tremendous command over recovering such sleeping disorder and make man free of it.

Aim and objective: To review the literature on anidra - Ayurvedic and modern aspects.

Material and Method: All Information in this articles is collected from Ayurvedic texts, modern  texts  & journals

Result and conclusion: The review literature shows the insomnia affect the mind of person in various aspect. If follows the tri-upstambh i.e Ahar,Nidra and Bramhachary to avoid the mental disorder insomnia (Anidra)

Article pdf download
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