Literature review of concept and importance of Parikartika.


  • Ranjeetsinh Babanrao Patil
  • Sonali R. Patil


Parikartika, Gudavikara, Arsha, Bastikarma


In Shalyatantra includes diseases of the anal canal. In Shalyatantra also described “Parikartika” with its Samprapti is pathogenesis and treatment. By our Acharya, there are various types of treatment advice in our manuscripts. In cases like the disease, “Parikartika” perfect diagnosis is important because after proper diagnosis we can start proper Ayurvedic treatment so we want to study “Parikartika” in briefly by Ayurvedic aspect. We must to aware people of serious disorders like “Parikartika” and help them with lifestyle modification for the prevention of “Gudavikara” In lifestyle-induced disorders we think about Arsha.


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Ranjeetsinh Babanrao Patil





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