A Randomized open controlled clinical trial of therapeutic effect of the oral administration of Amrutadya guggul in the management of sthoulya with special reference to hyperlipidaemia in age group 20-60 year”


  • Sonali Dilip Jare BAMS PG SCHOLAR
  • Suryaprakash Jaiswal
  • Subhash Jamdhade


Sthoulya, Amrutadya Guggulu, Navak Guggulu, Obesity.


Medoroga is a disorder of Medohara strotas as per Ayurvedic concept characterised by deposition of Meda at the site of Sphika(buttocks), Udara (abdomen), Stana(breast)and all over body.The associated symptoms like Kshudraswasa (dyspnoea), Trishana (thirst), Nidra (sleep), Kshudha (hunger), Sweda (sweating), Daurgandhya (foul smelling), Alpa maithun (decreased libido) etc. are also found in this condition. 


 Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to extent that it may have an adverse effect on health leading to reduced life expectancy Increase health problems. body mass index a measurement which compare weight and height define as overweight (pre-obese) if BMI is 25-30 kg/m2, obese when BMI >30 kg/m2² .Obesity is most common nutritional disorder not even in affluent societies but even in middle class change in the dietary habits, behaviour pattern & sedentary life most probable cause of this disease.


Aim and Objective: A Randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of Amrutadya Guggulu in the management of Sthoulya with special reference to Hyperlipidaemia



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Author Biography

Subhash Jamdhade

HOD & Professor, 


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