A “Understanding the use of medicated Gritha in pregnancy”- A Conceptual study.


  • Dr Priya Padmanabhan PNPS Ayurveda medical college
  • Dr Anand D A Vishnu Ayurveda College ,Kulapully,Shornur


Gritha, Garbha, Foetus, Pregnancy


Gritha is one among the chaturvidha sneha and is considered as a Nithya Sevaniya aahara. Pregnancy is a period where nourishment should be attained to both pregnant lady as well as the growing foetus. Thus Ayurveda emphasis special care for  Garbini  in the form of Garbhini Charya which includes Garbhini Ahara, Vihara and Masanumasika oushada prayoga. Gritha is snighda and soumya gunapradhana with madhura rasa and madhura vipaka1, which helps in the proper growth and development of garbha. Various gritha kalpanas mentioned in our classics helps in the timely nourishment and development of the garbha.In this article an attempt is made to understand the utility of different gritha in different stages of garbha.


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Author Biographies

Dr Priya Padmanabhan, PNPS Ayurveda medical college

Professor and HOD

Department of Roga nidan evam Vikriti vigyan

Dr Anand D A, Vishnu Ayurveda College ,Kulapully,Shornur


Department of Panchakarma



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