A Dant in Ancient Ayurved Literature : a review


  • Minakshi S. Patil Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya,Nagpur


Dentistry and oral surgery forms a subsection of Shalakya tantra. Many references regarding oral hygiene & oral diseases are foundin  Puranas, Vedas and Samhitas. Acharya Sushruta has first time presented the diseases of the oral cavity in general and specifically with full details of the disease of gums and teeth.Starting from anatomy of oral cavity structures, dentition, diseases affecting whole oral cavity and their treatment, do’s and don’ts till measures for the better health of these structures (Preventive dentistry) everything in detail are mentioned in various Ayurvedic texts. This review on dant is an attempt to compile the knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic Scholars scattered in Ayurvedic texts so as to present it systematically, which is one of the requirements of the present era.


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