Perspective Study Of Gynaecological Lifestyle Disorders


International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine



Asrugdara, Shwetapradara ,Cervical cancer.

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Tirathram, P. C., & Patil, V. (2017). Perspective Study Of Gynaecological Lifestyle Disorders. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 1(02).


Gynaecological diseases are the disease of the female genital organs . Their diagnosis and treatment is an important aspects of quality of life of women and their reproductive health. Because these diseases are public health and social problem and is very important to deal with them at the level of primary health care. First of all it is important to promote healthy lifestyle and conscious entering the sexual activity by young girls. In addition to primary prevention and screening it is important to emphasize education of patients about the importance of healthy life style and explaining hygienic and diet measures for certain diseases[1]. Here will specify the definition and aetiology of most frequent gynaecological lifestyle disorders like- infertility , polycystic ovarian syndrome and cervical cancer .Also some Ayurvedic diseases like asrugdara and shwetapradar. Prevention of disease in gynaecology can be improved by better understanding of health promotion and management of disease. Now a days it is seen that most of the gynaecological disorders are due to faulty lifestyle. So all the health programmes should emphasize on weight loss and exercise for overweight women. This will improve menstrual irregularity, reduce infertility and prepare woman for less hazardous pregnancy[2].This research article is mainly focusing on gynaecological lifestyle disorders and modification of lifestyle will help in prevention of these diseases . Regular physical exercise is essential to health . The pursuit of physical exercise may be of curative as well as prophylactive value in the treatment of certain cases of dysmenorrhoea, premenstrual syndrome and other disorders with background of introspection and over anxiety. It disciplines the mind as well as the body and satisfy the self.

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