Ayurvedic management of Bahupitta Kamala in children -a case study


  • Manisha Jagtap


Bahupitta-Kamala, Hepatocellular jaundice, Agnimandya Ayurvedic formulations.


In today's  modern life style of competitive world people are leading irregular eating habits. Eating outside has become fashion which increased risk of contaminated food and water. P ittakar (food which increase pitta) food like  spicy food,vada-pav,missal,pani-puri and other unhygienic  street food which  are etiological factors for Kamala. In Ayurveda jaundice is described as Kamala vyadhi. In Ayurvedic samhita description of kamala is given in detail along with its causes, pathogenesis, symptoms, complications and management also. The description of viral  hepatitis i.e. hepatocellular jaundice is similar to  a Ayurvedic description of Kamala vyadhi. Modern medical science has only symptomatic treatment for disease kamala ,hence  in this case study the effect of Ayurvedic medicines (agnideepan,mridu virechan) in bahupitta kamala is studied.


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