"To study effect of Kovidar Yukta Takrapana in the management of Arsha w.s.r. to Internal Hemorrhoids."


  • Vishal C. Dhende


Arsha, Bheshajakarama, Ksharakarma, Agnikarma, Shastrakarma.


Arsha had been originated in times of yore and since then it is affecting the mankind. The term Arsha mentions that the conditions gives maximum trouble to the patient like an enemy which shows gravity of the condition. The disease is characterized by formation of mamsankuras in guda pradesha. Patient complaints with clinical features like pain in anal region, bleeding per anus and discomfort. Hence this condition has been attracting attention of Surgeons for an ideal and suitable curative procedure. No single therapy is said to be self sufficient in the management of all types of Arsha, because each procedure has its own limitations. Probably, for this reason only Sushruta has mentioned fourfold therapeutic  procedure in the management of Arsha, namely Bheshajakarama, Ksharakarma, Agnikarma and Shastrakarma. He has mentioned Bheshaja in special type of Arsha which is newly occurred, less in symptoms and less complication.

In the present study patient suffering from 1st & 2nd degree piles are subjected to Bheshajakarma. So an effort was made in this study to find a simple, safe and cost effective procedure in the management of Arsha in the form of KOVIDAR YUKTA TAKRAPANA.


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