Detailed study of Kaphakunjar Rasa - A Literary Review


  • Sayali Joglekar-Joshi SCM Aryangla Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Satara


Kaphakunjar Rasa , operating procedure, Kharaliya rasayan, pottali kalpana


In Ayurvedic classics reference of Kaphakunjar Rasa is found in three texts i.e. YogRatnakar, Brihat RasaRaj Sundar and Rasa Chintamani.

After going through all references, it was found that; the method of preparation, dose, anupan and rogadhikar are similar in all texts. Only slight difference is in material (churna) used for coating of Shankhas in different texts.

Operating procedure is as: Kajjali triturated with snuhikshir, arkakshir, panchalavan; all filled in shankhas then coated with pippali, gajapippali, chitrak, ushir churna; heated for 1 yaam and finally fine powder is obtained called “Kaphakunjar Rasa”

As our classics consider, “Loknath Rasa” under both kharaliya rasayan as well as pottali kalpana; same way can be consider about “Kaphakunjar Rasa”?

This study gives literary review of “Kaphakunjar Rasa”


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