Review of concept of Vihara from Bruhatrayee.


  • Ranibala Nemade


Vihara, Swasthavrutta, Nidana, Chikitsa


The modern world is currently facing an epidemic of life style related diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Diseases, Cancer etc. as a result of improper diet, sedentary life style and stress. Ayurveda has great contribution in prevention of diseases as well as treatment of diseases. Ayurveda has given equal importance to Ahara and Vihara. For maintenance of the health, Ayurved explains Dinacharya, Rutucharya, Sadvrutta etc. Paricharya (Ahara,Vihara,Achara) of RajaswalaGarbhini, Sutika etc are also mentioned in Ayurveda. This is the Swasthakar aspect of Vihara. It also plays an important role in Nidana and Chikitsa.Viharas like Avyayama, Ratrijagarana etc has role in vitiating the Dosha and causing diseases. Similarly Vyayama, Ratrijagarana is the Viharatmak Chikitsa for Prameha,Sthoulya etc. So the present article aims at elaborating the concept of Vihara and its different aspects in Swasthavrutta, Nidana and Chikitsa.


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