Ayurvedic management of Non healing varicose ulcer - A case study


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Sirajanya dushta vran, jalaukavacharana , Varicose ulcer.


The varicose ulcer is the wound which occurs due to abnormal venous hypertension in the lower third of the leg ankle and dorsum of the foot. The pathogenesis starts with obesity and long standing due to dysfunction of venous valve causing venous hypertension around ankle lead to ulcer formation. If venous ulcer is not treated properly then it gets infected, leads to cellulitis and gangrene; so, may require amputation part of the limbs.  The recurrence of venous ulcers is very common. The 70% of venous ulcer are healed within 12 weeks of period[1]. There are so many conservative managements in allopathy like, compression stocking, foot elevation, antibiotic and dressing of the wound which when fails may require surgical treatment like skin grafting, sclerotherapy, laser ablation. But its very costly and not much significant. In Ayurveda this disease can be correlated with sirajanya   vran,  dushta vran. A 32 years male patient having complaints of Nonhealing varicose ulcer over medial malleolus of bilateral leg since 10 months. Treatment like abhyanga , raktamokshana  and dressing by using panchavalkal ointment given to patient. Significant healing of wound is observed and the complaints were gradually subsides. The wound were completely healed within 35 days of treatment.


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