Comparative study of tissue cultured and wild variety of Safed musli


  • Sayram Shrigire
  • Rajendra Dhate


Safed musali, tissue culture, bio-technology, totipotent



             Bhavprakash described the Abhava dravyas for group of drugs like Jeevaniya gana, Ashtavarga etc which were not available that time also, now a days  number of valuable herbs are extincted due to lack of propagation methods. Safed musali is one such drug which is used in large quantities by Ayurvedic, Unani and other traditional practitioners, now it is rare. With the help of biotechnology presently we can propagate the endangered species like safed musali in some artificial conditions and cultivate them in the natural habitat. Tissue culture technology is one of the  effective bio-technological tool to propagate large number of sampling which have exact genetic makeup of the mother plant, this is possible as each and every cell of a plant is totipotent.  Tissue culture does not  much effect or alter the natural characterstics of safed musali but increases the yield.

 Keywords : Safed musali, tissue culture, bio-technology, totipotent.


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Author Biography

Sayram Shrigire

Professor & H.O.D, Dept of Dravyaguna, Dhanwantari Ayurved Medical College and Hospital, Udgir, Maharashtra, India


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