Importance of “sarata” and its clinical aspect


  • Madanlal Muralidhar Sonawane
  • Prafull A. Babel


Swastha, Dhatu sarata,Rasayan chikitsa.


Ayurveda is a life science which has a major issue to follow in Swasthya Rakshan.In present fast paced life people are ignoring or unable to give proper attention towards the health. If we are willing for good health, happiness, enjoy, longevity then everybody should pay attention to maintain equilibrium of root factors of body. (Dosha, Dhatu and Mala)It has been mentioned our samhitas that there is an effect of Sara-Asara condition of Dhatu on mental & Physical health. When a dhatu is in asar state we can see the effects on parts of body related to that dhatu;therefore during determining the line of treatment we must concentrate on giving bala to the dhatu in asar state.If the dhatu is in asar state the expected result of treatment cannot be obtained,this is the reason why we must consider the sara-asar state of dhatu. A vaidya must determine an Ahaar-Vihar accordingly to increase the sarata of dhatu during treatment.During chikitsa at first a vaidya must give Shodhan chikita of dhatu related to vyadhi-such as,vaman,virechan,basti,rakta mokshan etc;then Rasayan chikitsa must be considered for Dhatu which is in asaar state to increase the sarata.


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