Dhatu Pachak Yoga

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Brijesh Mishra


 Dhatu Pachak Yoga are the polyherbal formulations mentioned in the CharakSamhita and AshtangHridaya in the jvaraadhikara. However, jvara is synonymous to vyadhi, hence it can be correlated that the treatment protocol for jvara can be used in any disease as per the yukti of the physician. One such important formulation is the dhatupachak yoga. Mentioned according to the santatadivishamajvaraprakara; they are as follows- Rasapachaka yoga in SantataJwara, Raktapachaka yoga in SatataJwara, Mamsapachaka yoga in AnyuedyuhuJwara, Medapachaka yoga in TriteeyakJwara and Asthimajjapachaka yoga in ChaturthakJwara. Yet, the importance of these five dhatupachaka yoga is not only confined to vishamajvara, but is used widely by physicians all over in the form of churna-vati-kwath to treat various other diseases, although the etio-pathology of all diseases begins with jvara, hence Dhatupachaka yoga is an important poly-herbal set of formulations.


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