Importance of prakruti and it's clinical aspect


  • Pratik Ganeshlal Baldota Article
  • Prafull A. Babel



    Ayurveda is one of the ancient science of life. It not only deals with the curative aspect but also with the spiritual and preventive aspect. The prime aim of ayurveda is to keep person healthy. Almost in all ayurvedic classics the concept of Prakruti (Constituent) has been described with its high thoughts since very beginning. Each individual has a unique prakruti which is one of the important trait of the person that helps us differentiate one indivisual from other apart from its anatomical, physiological and psychological characteristics. The prakruti is formed at the time of sperm-ovum conception and then whichever dosha is dominant it determines the prakruti of garbha. Once the prakruti is formed, they do not get aggregated or diminished except at the end of the life. Anatomical and physiological component of Prakruti can be considered as Deha or Dosha Prakruti (Body constituent) where as Psychological component can be considered as Manas Prakruti (Mental constituent).


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Prafull A. Babel

Professor,  Dept. Of Kriya Sharir, Dr D.Y. Patil Ayurved College, and Research Centre, Pimpri, Pune-18.



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