Review article on Vasanta Kalpa in blissful ageing w. s. r. to Jwara Chikitsa
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Rasayana , Jara , Vasanta Kalpa, Dhatu Vikriti, Strotorodh

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Borawake, V. K., & Dachewar, A. (2020). Review article on Vasanta Kalpa in blissful ageing w. s. r. to Jwara Chikitsa. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 4(03). Retrieved from


Unlike other health sciences Ayurveda has special emphasis on blissful ageing. Prevention of ageing has been a subject for research since ancient times. The miraculous effects of anti ageing treatments have been well described and documented in ayurved scripts. Every important text has a special dedicated section for Rasayan chikitsa i. e. anti ageing treatment. Understanding the chain of nutrition through Sapta Dhatu these Rasayan drugs prevent and delay ageing through its initial stages. One of the most important drug in such mode of action is Vasanta Kalpa. They are group of drugs which improve the quality of Dhatu step by step and thus maintaining a healthy and blissful ageing in slower rate. Vasanta Kalpa implies to Ayurveda medicines with particular herbal ingredients and specific way of preparation. The word Vasant symbolizes greenery and reproduction. The advent of spring brings new leaves, blossoming flowers, old bark of trees are replaced by new one, same changes are brought to human body by Vasanta Kalpa. The ingredients are in such combination that improves dhatu poshan by increasing dhatu saarta and vyadhi kshmatva. Thus, this article was undertaken specifically to study its effectiveness in Jara vyadhi chikitsa. 

Article pdf download
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