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Garbhastrava, Habitual Abortion, Putraghni, Masanumasika Treatment of Grabhasrava etc

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Pawar, D. D. (2020). The SUSHRUTOKTA MADHUKADI DRAVYA IN GARBHASRAVA (HABITUAL ABORTION) – A REVIEW. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 4(02). Retrieved from


“Garbhastravi Vandhya” is a term used in Ayurvedicliterature for recurrent habitual abortion in First Trimester. Pregnancy loss is a physically and emotionally demanding for couples. Pregnancy is the start of an incredible journey that leads to great emotional fulfilment to woman. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) is also called as Recurrent Miscarriage or Habitual Abortion. It is defined as three consecutive pregnancy losses prior to 20 weeks of pregnancy from the last menstrual cycle (LMP). Here Garbhasrava is co related with Putraghni where it is a condition where repeated pregnancy loss occur because of Artava dosha, Rakta dosha, Ati raktasrava. Acharya Sushruta has stated MasanumasikaTreatment of Grabhasrava for ten month which contains all those drugs which are Garbhasthapaka. They have Rasayanaproperty and foetal growth promoting action and minimises the chances of Abortion in future.

Article pdf download
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