Role of Sr. IgE in Tamak shwas w. s. r. to bronchial asthma

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Role of Sr. IgE in Tamak shwas w. s. r. to bronchial asthma
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Bronchial asthma, tamak shwas, Sr. IgE, allergy

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Reshma, H., & Gharge, A. (2019). Role of Sr. IgE in Tamak shwas w. s. r. to bronchial asthma. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 3(03).


Purpose: Asthma is a multi-factorial and complex disease in which allergic factors and non-allergic triggers interact and result in bronchial obstruction and inflammation. Allergenic sensitization is important in the development of asthma. In ancient science allergic factors are also mentioned as Hetus of Tamak shwas. Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is central to the induction of allergic diseases through its binding to the high-affinity receptor (Fc epsilon R1) on mast cells and basophils.

Method: The method for study include review of literature from ancient Indian Ayurvedic, modern, scientific  and researched based publications,texts and journals.

Result: Role of serum IgE in tamak shwas w.s.r. to bronchial asthma.

Conclusions: If serum IgE levels are raised we can diagnose as patient is suffering from tamak shwas (bronchial asthma allergic type)
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